110cm man got married and became a father: see what his 2-year-old daughter looks like

James Lasted is a famous actor and Tv presenter on the BBC channel being 110 cm in height at the age of 33.

If you think that man should live in shade and can’t have a normal life at this height then you are mistaken.

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The man thought that his height was his special highlight. This confidence helped James become successful in his work and life. James met Chloe in 2014 and they had a very funny first date. Thought James was 60 cm lower than Chloe it was nothing for two loving hearts.

When tehy sat in a cafe and asked for a menu teh waiter brought the menu and gave it to Chloe. He also brought a sketchbook an colored pencils for James and they laughed a lot. This date made their relationship even stronger and till today teh couple rmember this case with a smile.

In 2016 they got married and in 2019 they had a wonderful baby. Now the beautiful daughter named Olivia is 2 years old and feels loved and protected with her happy family.

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