Happy, but the years are talking their toll: after three years of constant trials, Johnny Depp abruptly passed

After the trial, Johnny went to meet his fans but he was unrecognizable as years did their cruel work.

Johnny Depp's Director Defends His On-Set Behavior

Johnny is considered one of the sexiest men along with Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt, but now he has changed a lot.


El estreno de Johnny Depp en Instagram es todo lo Johnny Depp que cabría esperar

Though it may seem that Johhny has fully recovered from the “cancellation”, lack of work, and the scandal with his ex-wife Amber Heard, it is obvious that the black line is still visible on his face.

Johnny Depp, 59 ans, méconnaissable : son visage choque ses fans qui ne le reconnaissent pas… Une

The star loves to give autographs and talk to his fans no matter how busy he is. Recently the famous star was spotted in New York at the Capitol Theatre and was gelato meet his fans n front of the Theatre. But all of his fans notice that Johnny was a bit changed as didn’t look the same.

Three years are enough to change some facial features and make people look exhausted and old. The three years that Amber seized from Johhny were obvious. However, now we have what we have. Amber owes $15 million to her ex-husband and is searching for some other ways not to pay the bill and to blame Johnny again.

Johnny Depp Denied All Allegations of Abuse From Ex-Wife Amber Heard

With all his advantages and disadvantages, fans are crazy about Depp and always admire him for hitalentnt and magnetism.

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