Lady Celebrates 100TH Bday Alone until Man She Hasn’t Seen in 60 Years Appears on Her Doorstep — Story of the Day

The 100-year-old woman witnessed the world change through wars, technology, music, and love.

When Miranda blew out her cake candles the door rang and there was a man whom Miranda didn’t expect for 60 years.

Miranda never married and didn’t have children. People warned her that she would regret but life had other plans for her.

She opened the door and saw a fully grown-up man standing there. The man called her Nurse Estevez and the old woman was shocked as it was a long time ago that she was working as a nurse.

The man told that it was Adrian and Miranda was shocked. Adrian had suffered from cancer many years ago and the doctors didn’t believe that the boy had a chance. It was Miranda who believed and cared for the boy until he got better. And now he was 60 years old. Miranda couldn’t keep her tears and called the boy inside.

She asked him to take a seat and have some cake. First, Adrian was surprised as he hadn’t known that it was her birthday. His pleasant visit was the best gift that Miranda got as she remembered her early years and some life experiences.

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