Trio friendship between identical black spotted horse pony and dog show the world strong bond among different animal species

Animals have many things to teach us like this identical trio.

Though it is difficult to imagine not two but three different animal species getting along with each other perfectly it still happens.

The fantastic trio is composed of Nevada (the horse), Napoleon (the pony) and Jack Sparrow (the Dalmatian dog). They not only have the identical appearance but slo have a strong bond. The animals understand each other and never have difficulties.

Greetje Arends-Hakvoort from the Netherlands who is a horse trainer and her daughter Jolie likes to take care of this amazing trio.

Besides training them Jolie and Greetje also go on adventures with them.

But it turned out that the woman trainer has great love for identical animals as she also keeps three identical horses who gel along with the other trio amazingly.

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