Pittie stands by door and whines until he can go out to see ‘his’ baby chicks

Duke, the pitbull was extremely happy when his mom brought some little chicks home.

His mom also calls him “Nuggets” but not because he likes to eat them. The main reason for his nickname is his love for chicks.

Though it is difficult to imagine how a pitbull and little chicks can make friends with each other it still happens.


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As soon as Alisha took the little chickens home Nuggets couldn’t start his morning without visiting the little ones. All of them were orphaned and Duke felt responsible for them.

Duke would attentively follow what they were doing in their box until Alisha would pick them up and let the dog sniff them.

But soon teh chickens had to move to another placeand Duke saw them rarely. He was very sad that his lovely chickens left. So Alisha bought little stuffed chickens for him to play. Firts Duke didn’t like them but then became attached to them.

Alisha also brough Duke to meet the chickens that were not the same as Duke remembered. But the dog was still happy to meet familiar birds and also didn’t lose his chance to sniff them once more.

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