Newborn puppy Was Dumped on The Street, Crying Still Finds It In Himself To Trust People

The little dog was dumped when he was deaf and blind, and his feet struck the hard sidewalk.

The poor puppy was abandoned at a very young age and he didn’t even have teeth. Luckily, Joy was found by Howl of a Canine and the warmhearted staff began attentive care of the dog.

They bottle-fed him and gave him everything he needed. Joy became better and better with each day. Soon he could play, run and eat what he wanted. The staff gave him a toy that became his favorite. It was a white stuffed tiger and Joy even slept with the toy.

Joy didn’t wait too long as a family from the Netherlands wanted to adopt him. And the family seemed to be the right one for him as they drove throughout Europe to take Joy.

They brought Joy’s favorite toy and the pup also felt that he would be loved by his future family.

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