Former street dog gives her blanket to a stray dog out of kindness and generosity

Some animals remember their hard life but don’t lose their trust and hope. Moreover, some of them even become kinder as they feel that the hardships are in the past. This is what people should learn from animals. Everything is temporary.

Lana was a stray dog who had many hardships. But soon he was rescued and even got adopted. Lana began a happy life in a warm forever home. But she seemed to remember what she had gone through in the past.

One day Lana’s owner gave her a blanket as it was cold outside. But the dog noticed a dog lying outside of their fence and decided to help the stray dog. So she gave her blanket to the dog which melted not only Lana’s owner’s heart but also many neighbors’ hearts.

People felt the whole positivity and kindness that animals can offer each other.

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