Blue parrot from South America known from the movie ‘Rio’ is now officially extinct

Scientists have found that 8 amazing bird species got extinct recently. One of them is the famous blue parrot from the movie “Rio.”

This wonderful species is Spix’s Macaw parrot. Because of their bright blue coloring, they have always become the prey of predators. Another reason for their extinction is deforestation and hunting.

Two decades after it vanished, the stunning Spix's macaw returns to its forest home | Science | AAAS

These species were living in solitary islands but lately, they had been heading to South America. They adapt to the new place there is a slight hope that the blue parrots can breed there and put an end to their extinction.

It is sad to learn that what is shot in the movie “Rio” is the prediction of the future. At the end of the movie, two extinct species of blue parrots found each other and even had babies. Let it happen in reality too.

Blue macaw parrot that inspired "Rio" is now officially extinct in the wild - CBS News

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