Dog Was Thrown out In Extreme Temρeratures For Being “Old & Useless”

Nate Ohlman was driving on a very cold day when he noticed a poor dog thrown on the road.

Nate stopped and approached the dog. He was a malnourished and weak dog and Nate took him to the vet. There he got what he needed and Nate had to leave. But he left his phone number so that they informed him about the dog.

The dog was soon named Sloan and became better and better day by day. When Nate came to check on Sloan he was touched by the dog as he seemed so heartbroken.

Sloan probably missed him and felt abandoned for the second time. So Nate decided to adopt Sloan, which turned out to be the best decision ever. The 12-year-old dog now has a house to continue his life.


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