Fathers and children: Holywood stars and their offspring who are also famous throughout the world

It is a proven fact that children follow their parents’ careers most of all. They see the whole story about their parents’ career and there is nothing left than choosing it and pursuing it in a new and better way.

Holywood stars are always at the center of attention. People try to know more and more about them but only a few know the whole details about their families. Some stars even hide their families. But when the family members are also celebrities it will be hard to hide them from the public.

Some stars have famous offspring and they are proud of it. Here are some stars with their famous family members.

Colin Hanks

Tom Hanks' Son Colin's 1st Reaction to Seeing Dad on TV Was So Cute - E!  Online

Tom Hanks has 4 children but only one of them has chosen his father’s career. The actor is very talented and has already taken part in several initiatives such as “Fargo.”

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Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith Thinks We'd Be Smarter If We All Dropped Out of School

Will Smith is the father of many children too. And he not only welcomes his son’s first steps but also takes part in the same movies with Jaden like “After Our Age.”

Jaden Smith Is Changing Professions: 'I Am Becoming a Full-Time Inventor' |  Complex

Scott Eastwood

Clint and Scott Eastwood: No Holds Barred in Their First Interview Together

Clint Eastwood is the father of 7 children but only one has chosen his way. It is the well-known Scott Eastwood whose most famous role is in Nicolas Spark’s “The Longest Ride.”

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Dakota Johnson

Who are Dakota Johnson's parents? | The Sun

Not only Dakota’s father but also mother is famous. Mellanie Griffin is a well-known star but her father Don Johnson was a famous stra in the 80’s. However, Dakota showed both her mother’s and father’s acting features perfectly.

Dakota Johnson on Fifty Shades of Grey Battle With Author – The Hollywood  Reporter

Ptrick Schwarzenegger

Spettacolo. Patrick Schwarzenegger: «L'ho ereditato da mio padre».

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son Patrick not only take part in various movies but also the guy is a successful model. Besides Patrick developed his own tailoring business.

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Lily-Rose Melody Depp

Lily Rose Supports Johnny Depp In Amber Heard Divorce | British Vogue |  British Vogue

Johny Depp’s oldest daughter also chose her father’s way and became an actress and model. Though the girl didn’t want to discuss her business with media she is open to collaboration with various social activities.

Lily-Rose Depp

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