Pigeon who can’t fly and chihuahua who can’t walk loved each other and are now good friends

Animals of different species who share the same fates make best friends for life. Herman and Lundy’s friendship is the best example.

Cute pigeon who can't fly and chihuahua who can't walk become best friends  and won the internet

Herman is a pigeon who is not able to fly and Lundy is a baby Chihuahua who is not able to walk. But even with their disabilities, they make the best friends that you have ever seen.

Pigeon who can't fly and special needs Chihuahua became friends – We Care  About Animals

Herman and Lundy met at the Mia Foundation. It was a rehabilitation center for animals with various defects. Herman was brought there from a park. The poor bird couldn’t fly and was left there helpless.

Soon a 4-week-old baby Chihuahua was brought to the rehabilitation center as his owner surrendered him because of his disability.

This Tiny Chihuahua Can't Walk And Became Best Friends With A Pigeon That  Can't Fly And The Photos Are Adorable!

As soon as they saw each other they became close friends. The staff took Herman out of his playpen and put him in Lundy’s bed. They began cuddling with each other. They understood each other very well as they shared the same fates. Though they spent their time without walking and flying they enjoy their lives the most as they show love and get the same in response.

Love can truly heal.


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