A 14-year-old boy built a house for his little sister in a week: see the incredible result

Mark Williams had some misconceptions about his 14-year-old son Bradley. Father thought that the boy could do nothing but play video games.

So he thought about a plan for how to make Bradley do something more important and creative. Mark gave him a task. As it was quarantine and he and his sister had nothing to do they should have alternative amusement. Ellie Mae was 7 years old and had nothing else to do without school and friends.

Father asked the boy to construct a playhouse for his sister. The idea attracted Bradley and he began designing the house. It turned out that the boy could not only build something like all other boys but he also could design, paint, and decorate. The boy not only built a house but also constructed various funny pieces of furniture for his little sister.

Father was amazed by the results. As a proud father, he captured how his son drilled, cut, and knocked together. The owner of the house was also satisfied. The boy attracted many designers and architects who suggested various works for Bradley.

The boy had already decided to go to a construction college after school. Soon he constructed a gazebo for the family too and everyone in the family was proud of their creative and handy boy.

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