Meet The Women Who Travel Through Greece To Feed And Rescue Stray Dogs

Ermioni Giannakou and her two friends think of stray animals more than anyone. So they decided to set up Diasozo Animal Rescue (DAR) to help street dogs throughout Greece.

The woman told that they have already saved thousands of dogs. Many of them were in awful condition and DAR was their last hope.

As Giannakkou can’t keep all the animals she encountered she chose all who need medical help at first. If the healthy ones can care a bit for themselves and find food from somewhere the needy ones are unable.

The woman told that the charity was 10 % based on volunteer work and donations. The kind woman and her organization help animals get well soon and when they are ready for adoption they find the proper place for them. They find owners even from other European countries just to make sure that many street animals find their warm corners in this world.

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