8-year-old horse takes his cat for a ride and warms our hearts

Jeniffer Boyle loves her pets. She is a horse-lover and has several horses. One of her favorite horses is Champy (an 8-year-old horse).

However, she thought about other pets too and went to the sanctuary to choose one. The black cat named Morris attracted Jenniffer as she didn’t take his eyes off the woman. So Jeniffer couldn’t resist the temptation and took the 9-month-old little kitty home.

Morris got used to his new owner very fast. But the cat was shocked by the presence of horses at first. However, time passed and the cat got used to them. Champy liked Morris and it was mutual. Soon Morris started to jump on Champy’s back and enjoyed their rides together.

Jeniffer was amazed by their friendship as they have a very strong bond. Champy liked to spend time with the black cat and enjoy him by taking him on his back and taking some adventures together.

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