Feisty Guard Dog Protects His Family And Home From Curious Black Bear

Small puppies tend to be very yappy and nippy. They are noisy and like to bark with their low voices all day long. It is their protective instinct.

However, this little Schnauzer didn’t bark without any purpose but protected his family from a black bear.

12-year-old Schnauzer Liebs lived with his owner in Duluth, Minnesota. The area is known for its rich wildlife and it is quite natural to spot some wild animals, including black bears even near your house.

When Liebs’ owner noticed the black bear he called his dog to see the beast too. But as soon as Liebs saw the bear his guardian instincts reached their peak and he began barking out loud. However, the dog forgot about his guardian skills as soon as the bear put its paw on the window and the poor little dog got extremely frightened.

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