Bulldog puppy’s hissy fit would melt anybody’s heart

Little puppies are one of the cutest critters in the world. They can make their owners happy whenever they want.

Maybe sometimes we come home without any mood and want to sit on the sofa without doing anything but if we have little puppies at home then it’s impossible.

Bulldog puppy

Just like this little bulldog puppy Greta who made her owner’s day. The owner was sitting quietly and the frowny bulldog was sitting on the floor too when the owner decided to have a fun time with her. Bulldogs are considered frowny and angry animals because of their appearance. But it is not quite right.

Bulldog puppy

When the owner called Great and started to bark like her the dog immediately got involved. Little puppies need nothing except of being at the center of attention playing with someone. The little pup got so excited that she even hit her head on the table’s leg. So the owner couldn’t resist anymore and picked her up on the couch.

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