Terrified rescue dog hides in the corner facing the wall until her soulmate comes along

Chloe hides and buries her hands in a corner of the shelter. The poor dog was found by Shira of Animal Rescue Mission through the Saving Baldwin Park Shelter Dogs Instagram account.

The shelter hopes that the previous owners will come back and take the dog. But the weeks passed and no one appeared to take the depressed dog. Chloe was too shy and couldn’t trust anyone at the shelter.

But when Shira and Darvish decided to take the dog everything changed for the better. Though it was extremely hard to make the dog come out of her comfort zone they managed to take the dog into the car. But as soon as Chloe got in the car there was another problem. She was unfamiliar with this place too. But when Shira caressed the dog she calmed down. However when it was time to get out of the car it was also stressful for the dog.

Shira and Darvish couldn’t persuade Chloe to enter the house but they wanted to help the dog. Soon Chloe found a cozy place in Darvish’s room and became familiar with the surrounding after a few days. Darvish made up his mind to change the dog and make her trust people again. A few weeks later he managed. They adopted Chloe and renamed her Mira.

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