The mother dog cried for help because she was not able to feed her puppies properly.

Mother’s instinct is another world that only mothers can perceive. They love and care for their babies so heart-takingly. And the same works with animals too.

Recently a mother gave birth to 3 little cute puppies but had no power to take care of them. The poor mother didn’t have enough milk for them all and the puppies were left hungry. The dog, however, barked and a woman noticed them.

The warmhearted woman couldn’t stay indifferent and understood what was going on. She took them all to the veterinary clinic. It turned out that one of the puppies was ill too. So the vets began their devoted work. 2 months of treatment and the family was healthy again. Mother dog gained weight and got better day by day. Soon the family got adopted and now all of them are enjoying their happy life with their new owners.

If we will be more attentive to our surrounding this world will be an even better place to live.

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