Adorable baby rescue goat grows up acting like a house cat

When Alexa of Friendly Fields Farms took Lily the goat she couldn’t have imagined that the goat would act like this.

Lily was rejected by her mother from the very first day of her life and had no one to rely on one. So Alexa took her home and it was one of the best decisions ever.

Baby rescue goat

Lily was so small at first but soon became an energetic and playful goat. She wanted to get acquainted with every animal in the house. But most of all LIly liked the oldest cat Bean. They had a very strong bond.

Baby rescue goat

Lily liked everything Bead did and soon the goat acted like a true cat. She adored curling up in the coach with the bean. When it was time for Lily to spend her time outside Alexa prepared a cozy angle for her and Bean to curl up together outside.

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