“It’s scary and cold here. Take me home, Dad – I’ll be a good kitty”

Some animals are stray from birth like this little kitten.

Cat rescue

This little cutie was found by a kind rescuer on a freezing day. The black and white kitten would freeze to death if not for the warmhearted rescuer. He took the little one indoors where the kitty hadn’t been before. She seemed to be outdoors from birth.

Cat rescue

First of all the man gave the little blue-eyed kitten a warm bath. As the water was warm she tried to escape but there was much dirt on her skin and she needed to be rinsed thoroughly. She was so small that she fitted in the man’s palms perfectly. After a pleasant bath, the cat was offered a bowl of tasty food which she ate until she was full. Such tiny creatures don’t deserve to spend their lives roaming from one street to another.

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