Bear and wolf’s incredible friendship in the wilderness of Finland forest captured by photographer

Wildlife photographers capture such incredible moments that you wish to be in their place at that time and see with your eyes.

Lassi Rautiainen is one of those fortunate photographers from Finland. He captured the unbelievable moments of wild animals’ friendship. It turned out that bears and wolves can also make friends and be very tolerant of each other.

When he went to Northern Finland he suddenly met a bear and a wolf. Surprisingly enough, they were sitting very close to each other, and soon the photographer understood that they were friends and were not randomly sitting to each other.

Lassi claimed that the animals felt safe together․ They were young and their friendship made them more confident and comforted both of them.

The 56-year-old man assures us that people are safe in nature and even wild animals can be kind to each other and to people too.

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