Schoolboy helps shelters by drawing portraits of animals

10-year-old Pasha Abramov from Arzamas wanted to help the shelter dogs and made his wish come true at the same time. Being so young, the little boy had a wish to help those animals who were in great need. And he managed.

Pasha was drawing portraits to order. But the outcome he was sent to the shelters to help animals. So when last year bored Panda wrote about Pasha he became more famous than he had been and started to get more orders. He helped more and more animals daily by giving them proper food, medicaments, household goods, repair materials, and household appliances.

Soon Pasha was able to open his drawing studio named «Paw of Friendship» which was a safe shelter for several cats. He began to help not only animals from his hometown but from other places in Russia too.

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