Endangered Visayan Spotted Deer – ‘Rarest Deer On Earth’ – Spotted In The Wild

The Visayan spotted deer (scientific name Rusa Alfredi) is also known as the Philippine spotted deer or Prince Alfred’s deer. The deer have recently been declared extinct but appeared in its natural habitat.

Visayan spotted deer - Wikipedia

The Visayan spotted deer is one of the rarest animals and rarest deer on Earth. They are noticed only in the Visayan islands of the Philippines. Now there are less than 100 Visayan spotted deer on the Visayan island of Panay and a maximum of 700 across all the islands.

The photos show that the endangered deer was not alone and that gave hope to many people. The Visayan spotted deer is protected by Republic Act No. 9147, which helps to prohibit the hunting of this wonderful and extinct species.

Despite having short legs, they are large species. The Visayan spotted deer can reach u to 125–130 cm from the top of its head to the end of its tail. It stands at 70 to 80 cm tall and weighs between 25 to 80 kg.

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