Elderly Dog Never Gets Ball During Fetch So Dad Has Cute Solution

If you have a senior dog then you’ll probably know that they require special treatment.

Recently a heartwarming video showcased two dogs and their owner playing in the field. One was an Australian Shepherd “Aussie” and the other was an elderly Golden Retriever “Goldie.” Both of them like the fetching game.

But the owner played the same game somehow differently. He threw the ball for Aussie as far as he could and the Australian Shepherd had a full run. While for Goldie the owner threw not so far so that the dog couldn’t run and fetch the ball without being the “loser” of the game.

Senior dogs also like to play and they have the same vigor for their lovely games. They just have less energy and health than ever so you need to be a bit attentive and caring as their age is not the same anymore.

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