Grieving dog mourns loss of his animal friends by staying by their side after they pass

Just like people, dogs can mourn the loss of their friends too. Meet Tricycle, the loyal dog who couldn’t get along with the loss of his friends.

The warmhearted couple Lester Aradi and his wife Diane had a farm with lots of animals. They love their inhabitants and care for them very attentively. But they feel that Tricycle is different. He is everyone’s friend and loves to take care of others.

When one of the farm dogs named Major passed away the owners decided to bury him as they did with other animals on their farm who passed over the Rainbow Bridge. The next morning of the Major’s burial the couple noticed that Tricycle was sitting on his friend’s grave. The dog was present the whole burial process and knew that his friend was not fast asleep in that grave. Tricycle did the same with his other friend, a 21-year-old alpaca named Trixie, who passed away.

So he couldn’t stay indifferent and proved that animals have emotions too. They can mourn the loss of their friends so heavily. The kind-hearted dog has a book about his loyal and caring character too called “Tricycle and Friends.”

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