Meet The Beautifully Blue British Shorthair Cat — The Teddy Bear Of The Cat World

British shorthair cats are the “Teddy Bears” among the cat breeds. Their fluffy fur makes them look like soft bears. But not only their appearance is similar to the bear but also their character.

If you want to adopt your first pet then Shorthair is the best option. The main reason is that they are extremely calm and are called “four paws on the ground.” The cats don’t like to be on the lap and will jump off if you try to stroke them for a few minutes.

They like to be on the floor and cuddle very few. But they like to cuddle with other animals and cats. So their character is a bit strange but yet preferable.

British Shorthair reaches its maximum size at the age of 3 weighing between 9 and 17 pounds for males, and females between 7 and 12 pounds.

When you are at work your British Shorthair will stay calm at home and patiently wait for your arrival and when you come back he/she will run to you and won’t leave your side ever after.

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