Dog is stolen from family’s home then mom watches ring camera & recognizes strange man that took her

Margarette Wheelwright, Natassja Lindsay, and their beloved pet, Norma had a very usual day and didn’t think that the strangers on the street could do any harm to them.

When they returned they entered their home and as Normal was eating her breakfast they didn’t pay much attention to whether the dog entered the home or not. Besides, their door had to be shut automatically.

But soon they realized that Norma was nowhere to be found. The last thing to do was to check the ring camera. Wheelwright was shocked when she saw the stranger that they met outside a few hours ago and how he grabbed the dog and ran.

When they were out that man approached and asked lots of questions about the dog and Wheelwright hadn’t thought that he was asking for bad purposes. However, the dog was found first on an internet animal store costing $350.50, and then adopted by a couple. As the couple didn’t know that the dog was stolen they adopted Norma and renamed her Eve. But everything went good and the dog soon again with her owners.

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