Hero Vets Save Mother Elephant’s Life By Jumping On Her Chest To Restart Her Heartbeat (8 Pics)

When the 10-year-old elephant mother and her 1-month-old calf were stuck in a concrete drain in central Thailand a group of vets and rescuers were at the place of the incident.

They were in a 7-foot-deep hole and couldn’t get out.

The rescuers used a Cherry picker to take the elephant out of the ditch. As it was raining heavily it was extremely difficult to take her out.

But as soon as the rescuers pulled the elephant out she fell unconsciously on her head. The rescuers and the vets began their mission.

They started to jump on the mother elephant to make her open her eyes and breathe again.

Fortunately, after the vets’ careful work the mother elephant woke up. The whole time the baby elephant was near her mother.

And it was the veterinarians’ hard efforts and the presence of the baby elephant that the mother woke up.

Soon they were able to stand and walk again. The rescuers released them into the wild and they could reunite with their herd again.

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