Attentive Dog Finds A Kid Being Swept Out To Sea And Doesn’t Think Twice To Help

Dogs prove their loyalty almost every day throughout the whole world. They sacrifice themselves just to make sure that their owners are safe ad sound. But dogs are protective of others too whom they see for the first time. So they like to react to danger no matter where and when.

Recently a kid was swimming at Port Noarlunga when the waters began sweeping him away from the coast. When no one noticed the drowning kid it was Max the Staffordshire/Bulldog mix who rushed to help. The dog had already been wearing his life jacket and was ready to jump in the water.

The kid could get ahold of the canine’s neck and soon both of them were on dry sand. The dog’s owner Rob and other people n the shore gathered to check how the kid was feeling and to praise the dog for his heroism.

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