Rescuers go on a special lunch date with a neglected Pittie

Nico was a cute Pitbull found abandoned with a heavy chain wrapped on his neck.

The dog was found by a kind-hearted rescuer named Hannah. Hannah immediately removed the chin as it was pulling the dog’s head down because of its heavy weight. The dog’s eyes at that moment showed how grateful he was.

Hannah took him to the shelter where Nico found another guardian angel Kelsi. Kelsi wanted to spend her lunch breaks with the dog. Nico enjoyed his lunchtime very much as he ate what he wanted and liked the most.

A few weeks later, the shelter found a foster family for Nico. The family liked the cute pitbull so much that they ended up adopting him. However, Hannah and Kelsi wanted to continue their lunch routine with him and had a lunch date after his adoption.

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