Abandoned as a baby, crow is now obsessed with his rescuer

Kasper was working at school. He liked his work. However one day a miracle happened when his students came up to him and told him that they had found a baby bird.

As soon as Kasper saw the black little crow he started to search for his parents. However, they weren’t around and Kasper couldn’t leave this abandoned baby there. He took the crow with him. Kasper named him Klaus.

When Klaus was big enough Kapster let him go. The bird flew away but he didn’t want t let his lovely rescuer so easily. The bird flew away but returned to continue his funny activities with Kasper. The crow loved the rescuer so much that he didn’t want to get separated so they continued their mutual life.


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Klaus liked Kasper’s earphones. He liked to have a bath and even the sound of the dryer didn’t bother him. The crow enjoyed every minute spent with Kasper and wasn’t intended to leave him.

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