2-Year-Old Girl Goes To Shelter And Picks Sick, Shy Pit Bull Who Just Needs Love

There were only a few animals in shelters that don’t dream of getting adopted. Maybe the caregivers are very gentle to them but they want to get a forever and loving home with a warm atmosphere. Some senior animals, however, stay at the shelter more than needed and wait a bit longer to get adopted.

The 2-year-old girl named Gigi sensed that this pit bull truly needed more support than others and insisted on adopting him. Her mother couldn’t have imagined that her daughter would choose an ill and mangey pit pull.

Audra Spurio, her mother, was surprised but she couldn’t stay indifferent to her daughter’s wish. So they adopted the dog and took her home. They became inseparable friends and share the same interests.

Gigi and the ill pitbull gathered more than 14 million views on Youtube and prove to the whole world that kindness will save our planet.

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